Industrial garbage and waste collection

Industrial garbage and waste is the result of business manufacture activities, not involved in domestic and hazardous waste (list of hazardous waste: according to Circular No. 36/2015/TT-BTN-MT).



Industrial waste is an unavoidable part of manufacture activities, especially in garment, leather shoes, backpack, bag industry, etc. and some other industries.



Today, Hanoi focuses on classifying waste at source and also tend to prevent the mixing of domestic and industrial waste. Therefore, there are many establishments with low volume of waste having difficulties in looking for a suitable waste processing unit.

To solve the above problem, KHOI NGUYEN provides collecting and processing industrial waste services in Hanoi.

Means of waste collection



Khoi Nguyen has had many years of experience in designing, manufacturing the specialized means and equipments to serve for environmental sector. With actual experience in manufacture, the cooperation of the units operating in collecting, transporting and processing waste sectors for many years, and having qualified staff, modern equipment, our company has ability to meet all the demands of the customers, contributing to environment protection .



Customer’s satisfaction and trust is our goal of development. We are working to build our culture as the basis for a long-term development.