Pipeline construction

Technological pipeline system is necessary for industrial procduction factories such as oil, gas, health, environment, food processing, anial feeding processing, beverage, etc.

Technological pipeline for transporting and distributing water, steam, gas, oil, ect.. are metal pipeline such as: cast steel pipeline, stainless steel,zics coated, etc. transporting solvents to the supply station, machine and equipment to operate.

Technological pipeline is subject to high pressure, high temperature of solvents such as: water, oil, etc. So it is very important to calculate, design, construct technical pipeline, to ensure the requirements of technical, beauty and safety to use.

Detailed construction of technological pipeline, connection of technical pipeline includes: flange, quails, numbs, bolts, washers, other details using to connect the pipe, change the direction or diameter of pipe, branches or seal the end of pipe.

Accessories of technological pipeline include: measuring equipment, open-close equipment (valve), safety equipment, fixture, mounting brackets, insulation (if any).

Installation of technological pipeline, welding pipe and connecting parts must comply with welding regulations, ensure requirements of technique, beauty.For pressure pipes of technological pipeline, only welder with pressure welding certificate can weld the pipeline or pressure pipe. Welder of technological pipeline must have sufficient qualifications to meet welding process.

All technological pipelines must be tested after installation, to meet design standards, except for assemblies are tested before fabricating and finished welding joints of system which don’t have real testing conditions.

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