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Pump system

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Pump maintenance
Industrial pump system maintenance process:
• Protection
• Prediction
• Periodical inspection

Well-maintained pumps will perform better, and enable industrial fatories to detect problems to repair promtly and prevent pumps from being damaged early. Periodical maintenance will detect the decrease in pump’s performance and flow rate, which would have happenned for a long time before the pump is damaged.

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Preventive maintenance includes: engine lubrication, coupling correction, seal maintaince, coupling replacement. Mechanical seals must be checked periodically to make sure that there is no leak or the leaks would not exceed the technical standards. Mechanical seals that leaks exceed the technical standards must be replaced. However, the leak shoud be lubricated and cooled. But the gland packing must be adjusted if the leak exceeds technical standards of the plant. The gland packing must be replaced if it is too tight. Tightened gland packing causes wear and tear on pump spindle, coupling and increasing in electricity consumption. Regular maintaince of the pump engine, such as lubricating or cleaning the engine, is also important.


Prediction and test

Fluctuation analysis: Through the amplitude of fluctuation and frequency, it is possible to detect bent ball bearing failure, while also detecting voltage mechanical imbalance that can cause coupling failure or coupling corrosion.

Adjust pump and engine: within the limits of use of the pump.

Engine operating conditions: Check the entire insulation coil, check insulation resistance with certain galvanometer. Fluctuation analysis also reveals conditions in the coils and quickly detects failures.

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Installation of modern pump system

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