NER Group Co., Ltd

NER Group is a one of top 10 gearbox manufacturers in world and famous Industrial gearbox manufacturer in China, they are exporting China brand Power Transmission drive Products with all Types of Industrial Gearbox, electric motors and Geared Motors such as Worm Geared Motor, Helical Geared Motor, Helical bevel geared motor, to the worldwide market and responsible for the after-sales service as well.
NER Group have their own brand which is same to other worldwide famous electric motor gearbox suppliers and Transmission Manufacturers. NER’s product is design original, the craft is rigorous, uses the high-grade part, quality first-class, product substitution import. NER’s product are exported to many countries in Europe, North America and Middle East and enjoy high population among their old and new customer. Such as the most orders of helical gearboxes to U.S.A, Brazil, Poland, Russian and worm drive gearbox to Australia, India, UK, Kenya and customized gearbox to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and so on.