Steel structures fabrication


Bearing structures

Different from the traditional reinforced concrete: assembling formwork, steel knitting and in-situ concrete placement, using concrete and reinforced steel, take long time and need many workers onsite. Solution of structural steel frame.


It has minimum lifespan of 25 years, for special works such as road, bridge, high building, commercial center, etc. the lifespan of steel frame can be designed up to 100 years.


Unlike reinforced concrete pillar and beam, lightweight steel structure doesn’t take up much space, so your room will give you light feeling. This is very relevant to the shrinking land situation.


High bearing capacity and reliability: steel is one of materials with good bearing capacity, its homogeneous structure also offers high reliability for users.

Light weight: steel structure is one of the lightest bearing structures, concrete or wood, stone cannot be lighter. To access the “lightness” of material, we use c index and calculated strength retention rate to its specific gravity.

Flexible in transportation and installation: thanks to its light weight and good rigidity, the transportation and installation of steel structures also help the disassemble, replacement, repair and movement easier. This make it easier to renovate the production facility to fit the new technology line, or move the building when needed. Khoi Nguyen is a unit specializing in construction of steel structures with many large and small projects. We can meet all your demands by owning a professional team, factory system with synchronous and modern machinery.
KHOI NGUYEN always takes the leading position in steel structure fabrication.”
KHOI NGUYEN specializes in steel structure fabrication with a huge experience in projects in every scales. We believe in meeting all of requests based on a professional team of engineers and workers as well as a synchronous and modern system of machinery and workshops.