Processing and machining fixtures (JIGs)

Functions, general structure and applications of fixtures (JIGs)

Fixture (also called JIG) is one of technological equipment used to locate work piece in alignment with cutting tool and keep the work piece under the effect of cutting force during processing.


– Determine the position of the part compared with the machine and cutting tool (positioning)

– Fix position of the positioned part, prevent it from moving or vibrating due to external force (clamping)

– Locate and guide cutting tools

– Create additional motions


Positioning part, clamping part, transmission structures, guide structure, tool holder, rotating and graduating structure and, body and base of fixture, structures for positioning and clamping fixture to the machine.


Improve productivity and accuracy, expand the equipment’s techological capacity, enable difficult operations, relieve stress and improve working conditions of workers, eleminate need of master craftsmen.